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A Roadmap to Funding for Deep Tech: Grants

What types of grants are available to fund your deep tech startup’s journey? Launching a deep tech startup can be an exciting journey. At the same time securing funding and support is a crucial step in turning your innovative ideas into reality.

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Retention Strategies for Deep Tech Industry

What methods can deep tech companies use to gather and act on customer feedback for product improvement? Deep tech companies face unique challenges in retaining their customer base due to the complex nature of their products and services. In this article, we’ll explore effective retention strategies tailored specifically for the deep tech industry.

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“I Just Need to Build My Pitch,” Why Is This a Wrong Approach?

As startup financial advisors with an engineering background, we have seen countless deep-tech startups believe that creating a compelling pitch deck is the golden ticket to securing funding. While a well-crafted pitch is undeniably important, it is just one piece of the puzzle.  

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a graph showing the distribution of startups which participated in the Cassini Days

Cassini Entrepreneur Days 2024 Key Takeaways

Interesting to look back at the successful Cassini Entrepreneur Days in Prague (June 3rd and June 4th). The event was very dynamic with lots of opportunities to engage with the different startups. Overall, there was a list of 85 startups. One way of looking at them is their focus: from positioning + navigation to observation + analysis.

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a speaker on the stage during HightechXL XLday24 event

HighTechXL XLday24 Key Takeaways

This year, the TD Shepherd team also had the opportunity to attend the HighTechXL Xlday24 event at the Conference Center High Tech Campus Eindhoven. 
This event brings together cutting-edge startups, industry leaders, and venture capitalists to foster collaboration and explore groundbreaking advancements in deep tech to tackle global societal challenges.

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flat lay statistics with chart arrow reflecting churn rate

How to Calculate Churn Rate

Churn rate serves as a key indicator of customer satisfaction and loyalty. For deep tech companies, understanding churn can reveal weaknesses in product-market fit, customer onboarding, or ongoing support, helping to assess overall business health. 

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Graphic showing customer satisfaction

Churn Rate vs. Retention Strategies

One of the key challenges faced by companies is striking the right balance between managing churn rates and implementing effective retention strategies. In this article, we’ll delve into the significance of churn rate and retention strategies in the deep tech industry and explore how to achieve equilibrium between the two. 

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A computer chip enclosed in a planet

Typical Challenges of Early Stage Deep Tech Startups

What makes the situation more difficult for Deep Tech startups than startups from other domains is the fact, that by the complexity of the Deep Tech sector, a founding team usually requires expertise from various technical roles and therefore is multi-disciplinary in the technical domain already.

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Navigating Deep Tech: Crafting an Effective Online Presence

How many times have you visited a website, desperately searching for information, only to shut it down in frustration because you couldn’t find what you were looking for? In the rapidly evolving landscape of the deep tech industry, managing your online presence is not just a formality – it’s a strategic imperative.  

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Close-up of hand holding tablet

Satisfy to Retain: The Deep Tech Churn Rate

The churn rate refers to the percentage of customers or clients who cease using a particular product or service within a given period. This metric is crucial and, in most cases, is one of the key KPIs tracked by a company.

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Businessman in suit holding up smiley face and check mark

Common Reasons Customers Leave

It’s a puzzling phenomenon – why do customers leave? We have identified six main reasons for customer churn in the deep tech industry. In this article we will review these six causes in more detail.

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workmen repairing laptop keyboard

Repair or Maintain

Startups are not like bread in the bakery – each startup has its own unique fingerprint. As such, each startup also has its own specific needs. To run a startup through a standard process might address some of its needs but will also ignore other needs, needs that might be more pressing and crucial to its future.

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a presentation of slides for business report

How to Craft a Good Story & Deliver the Pitch

Pitching to venture capitalists (VCs) is a pivotal moment for deep tech founders seeking funding. However, effectively conveying the story of a complex technological innovation can be challenging.

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a woman shakes hand to a man

The Role of Networking in Deep Tech Startup

Starting a deep tech startup is challenging, with various hurdles to overcome. Networking is crucial for success in this space. It enables entrepreneurs to connect with like-minded individuals, investors, and potential customers.

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various mechanism pieces

Strategies for Attracting Talent & Building a Strong Team

Building a strong team for a deep tech startup involves a combination of strategic planning, effective recruitment, and creating a positive work environment. 
To ensure that your startup project will grow smoothly, it is a must to attract talent and build a strong team.

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many colorful icons сome from a smartphone

Why Deep Tech Startups Need Marketing to Thrive

Deep tech startups are at the forefront of technological advancements, creating cutting-edge solutions that shape the future. However, without effective marketing strategies, these startups may struggle to gain visibility, secure funding, and attract customers. 

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two men looking through the door

Due Diligence: Comparing Pre-Seed & Seed Stages

Due diligence can differ between the pre-seed and seed stages of startups, although many aspects of the process remain similar. The extent and focus of due diligence often change based on the stage of the startup and the specific needs and expectations of investors or stakeholders.

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a team of advisors reviewing the documents

The Importance of a Due Diligence Checklist for Startups

Having a due diligence checklist for a startup is important, especially when you are seeking investment, partnerships, or preparing for potential mergers and acquisitions. Due diligence is the process of thoroughly examining a business to assess its strengths, weaknesses, risks, and opportunities.

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A person is looking at the Customer Journey Map

Essential Skills Required for Deep Tech Entrepreneurs

Technical erudition is the key that opens the door to limitless possibilities in cutting-edge fields. Deep tech entrepreneurs must possess strong technical acumen, whether it’s in machine learning, quantum, or any other cutting-edge field.

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A person wearing a T-shirt that says Innatera holding up a neuromorphic processing chip

Congrats to Innatera on Their Successful Investment Round

TD Shepherd is thrilled to congratulate the exceptional team at Innatera Nanosystems on the successful closing of their recent investment round, raising an impressive 15 million euros!

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A shield with a radiant light on a dark background, symbolizing protection and strength

Congratulations to Intrinsic ID on Synopsys Acquisition

TD Shepherd congratulates the Intrinsic ID team on their recent acquisition by Synopsys, a leading US EDA company! Intrinsic ID, a cybersecurity specialist with its roots deeply embedded in Eindhoven…

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A bearded man with glasses engages in a game of chess with a robot, showcasing human-machine interaction

AI Dominance in the Deep Tech Market

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making headlines for several years now, and it’s potential to transform industries and change the way we live and work is becoming increasingly clear.

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A close-up of a blue electronic circuit board, showcasing intricate patterns and components

Evolution of Semiconductor Manufacturing

The world of semiconductor manufacturing, sometimes called chipmaking, is a complex ecosystem. Companies that for instance produce the chips that run the world’s cell phones and computers outsource…

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Person with blue gloves showcasing a small glass piece for a solar cell

Photovoltaic Solar Cells: Scope And Principle Of Operation

The production of solar cells has evolved over the decades. At the moment, this type of energy collection is one of the most popular because of its versatile form factor (including flexible cells)…

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Close-up of microprocessor placed on top of a motherboard

PMICS For IoT Devices

The entire deployment and growth of edge devices in the IoT market are primarily driven by developing suitable and capable next-generation energy harvesting-enabled power management ICs (EH-PMIC).

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Detailed view of computer motherboard with tiny electronic component

Energy Harvesting Storage Components

An essential component in Autonomous IoT devices, besides the energy harvester and PMIC, is the storage element. This component stores the generated energy from the energy harvester till the energy is needed by the application regulator by a PMIC.

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The image shows a visual representation of the global goals for sustainable development

Where Can IoT Contribute To What Is Important?

The United Nations (UN) has determined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which helps the world to guide with what is important. The University of Cambridge has simplified the UN model and grouped particular SDG’s into a six-ambition mode.

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A computer screen with a sleek, futuristic design showcasing advanced technology and modern aesthetics

IoT And Security

Today’s IoT devices can be infected by a variety of malware at different stages of their operation. In most cases, malware (viruses, Trojans and worms) typically targets local operation and exploitation at the operating system level…

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A battery with a small green plant growing on top

The Problem Of Replacing Batteries When There Is No Access

Over the years, the number of IoT devices is growing substantially and has caused a kind of “dependence” of mankind on batteries. It is a well-known fact that batteries are very harmful to the environment…

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Abstract image of colorful waves and lights blending together in a mesmerizing display

RF Energy Harvesting (RFEH)

Radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting is an energy conversion technique used to convert electromagnetic (EM) fields into electrical energy. One of the essential elements of the RFEH technique is the design of the antenna.

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Wireless internet symbol on black backdrop

What Is Wireless Communication?

Wireless communication is a method of transmitting and receiving information from one point to another without the use of any wired connections. Typically, information is transmitted from a transmitter to a receiver located at a limited distance.

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Two wires connected with blue light, creating an electrical connection

Thermal Energy Generation (TEG) For IoT?

Thermal energy generation is the process of converting heat flow into electrical energy. This works thanks to the Seebeck effect – a phenomenon in which an electrical field is created when two metal conductors with each having a different temperature are joined.

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A monochrome image of a clock and a battery, showcasing the contrast between the dark clock and the white battery

Batteries In The World Of IoT

Scientists state that one AA battery (which is most often used in daily life) can pollute ~17 square metres of land. This impact on the environment is through heavy metals. In addition to the soil, the electrolyte can contaminate up to 400 litres of water.

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A diagram illustrating the usage of energy harvesters, showcasing their practical application in harnessing energy efficiently

Piezo Energy Harvesting (PEH)

Some materials have the ability to generate an electric charge when subjected to mechanical stress. This is called the piezoelectric effect where the electric charge is accumulated in certain solid materials such as crystals and certain ceramics.

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White background with circular shape

The History and The Emergence of The IoT

The term “Internet of Things” itself was coined by British engineer Kevin Ashton in 1999. Ashton was part of a team that succeeded in inventing a way to connect objects to the Internet with the help of RFID technology.

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kinetic energy harvester graph

Kinetic Energy Harvesters (KEH)

Kinetic or electrodynamic harvesters convert movement or vibration energy into electrical energy based on Faraday’s law of induction by moving a coil through a permanent magnetic field.

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Wireless Sensor Node graph

Energy Consumption of Wireless Sensor Nodes

An important factor which makes it difficult to capture the power consumption of a wireless node in one number is the time the node is active and sending information.

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A robot addressing a crowd of people, capturing their attention and creating a sense of curiosity.

Ethics in Deep Tech: Navigating Responsible Innovation

In the realm of deep-tech startups, where innovation knows no bounds, the conversation around ethics has become more vital. As we push the boundaries of what’s possible, it’s crucial to consider the impact our creations have on society, individuals, and the environment.

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A glass sphere on a table with maps, representing exploration and knowledge

Strategic IP Planning for Sustainable Startup Success

In the dynamic world of deep tech startups, turning ingenious ideas into sustainable success requires more than just groundbreaking technology – it demands strategic navigation through the intricate terrain of intellectual property (IP) landscapes.

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Yellow house under dome with paper houses, representing community and unity

IP Matters: 15 FAQs for Deep Tech Startups

As you embark on your innovation journey, start with an IP landscape analysis. Identify existing patents, research papers, and technologies relating to your idea. This task helps you refine your uniqueness and pinpoint potential competitors.

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A robot hand shaking hands with a man in a suit, symbolizing collaboration between technology and business.

From Idea to IPO: Picking Startup Advisors

In the world of deep tech, where innovation is at the core of your business, having advisors who truly understand your technology is invaluable. Their insights can be your North Star when navigating complex tech landscapes, ensuring that you make informed and strategic decisions.

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the group of people listening to the presenter

Culture Clash: A Fatal Issue in Mega M&A Deals

One of the most common reasons why M&A deals fail is a culture clash. When two companies with different cultures come together, it can create tension and conflict. The cultures of the two companies can be significantly different in terms of values, management style, decision-making processes, and work ethics.

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A person holding a red stick with a line drawn on it

Lose It All: A Hostile Takeover

A hostile takeover is the aggressive integration of one company into another, injecting its own staff, displacing its top management and board of directors, and introducing alien corporate values.

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TD Shepherd and logos featuring strategic advisor service collaboration

TD Shepherd Strategic Advisors –

We are pleased to announce that TD Shepherd acts as the strategic advisor to to support the capital raise. As strategic advisors, TD Shepherd is working closely with to identify and implement new strategies which will help to expand their reach and succeed in fundraising.

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A daring man defies gravity, walking on a tightrope high above a bustling cityscape

Deep Tech VC Investing

A successful deep tech venture capital (VC) fund differs from a standard VC fund in terms of its investment focus and the potential for higher returns. Deep tech VC funds focus on investing in startups and companies developing cutting-edge, disruptive technologies with a strong emphasis on scientific and engineering innovation.

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Image illustrating the process of launching a campaign with the key aspect - funding

The Deep Tech Funding Landscape

Deep-tech startups require substantial funding capacity over an extended period due to the infrastructure, skills, and resources needed. The BCG and Hello Tomorrow study highlights that 80% of deep-tech startups consider funding as the most critical resource…

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Training session by Mike Beunder at Silicon Catalyst event

Silicon Catalyst.UK Event 2023 Key Takeaways

It brings together the whole eco-system: from EDA to IP, from fabless to specialty silicon manufacturers. It was a great event with a set of excellent startup pitches as well as a set of industry veterans presenting.

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Colorful lights illuminate a large crowd at a Slush conference.

Slush 2023 Key Takeaways

TD Shepherd participated at Slush 2023 event in Helsinki, and we’re thrilled to share some key takeaways from this dynamic gathering of innovators, investors, and tech enthusiasts.

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A screenshot of article

TD Shepherd Interview With EE Times | Europe

EE Times has recently published an insightful article titled “Venture Capital in Europe: Picking the Right Wave to Ride.” This feature includes exclusive interviews with key players in the venture capital landscape, such as Mike Beunder, Managing Partner of TD Shepherd…

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attendees at hardtech venturelab event

Hardtech Venturelab 2023 Key Takeaways

VentureLab recently hosted its yearly HardTech event focused on “deep” technology, with a particular emphasis on hardware, semiconductors, Medtech, AI, and mobility. The event was a gathering of investors and innovators from around the globe.

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Screenshot of Qualinx company article

Congratulations to Qualinx on Securing the EUSPA OSNMA Grant

TD Shepherd congratulates the Qualinx team and Tom Trill, CEO of Qualinx for their outstanding achievement in securing the EUSPA OSNMA grant. The grant focuses on the security (anti-spoofing) for commercial users of the Galileo GNSS satellite constellation.

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A diverse crowd gathered in a conference room, engaged in event.

Why Startup Events Are Valuable for Deep-Tech Professionals

Every year there are many startup and technology events around the world. This year was no exception. These events offer a great opportunity for deep tech startups to showcase their products, build valuable connections with investors, and learn from industry experts.

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A close-up image of a microchip processor with intricate circuitry and tiny components

IEEE ISSCC 2024 Key Takeaways

Every year, the IEEE International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) presents the cutting edge of IC design. It covers all the relevant application areas.

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Hand holding a graph showing a rising line, symbolizing growth and success

Corporate Venture Capital Vs. Traditional VCs

An often-overlooked aspect of the startup funding landscape: the difference between Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) and Traditional Venture Capital (VC). Understanding the differences and implications of these two funding sources is important…

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An image of a person cutting expenses and increasing deductions to save money

The Biggest Funding Challenge Faced By Deep Tech Startups

Deep tech startups are those that are based on advanced and complex technologies, such as AI, blockchain, nanotechnology, etc.
These startups face unique challenges in terms of funding…

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A unicorn surrounded by electronic components

The Flip Side Of Becoming A Deep Tech Unicorn

In recent years, the term “unicorn” has become synonymous with startups that achieve a valuation of $1 billion or more. These companies are often lauded as the epitome of success and innovation.

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A world map highlighting countries in the global race for deep tech startups

The Global Race For Deep Tech Startups

Deep tech startups are those that develop and commercialize ground-breaking technologies in areas such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, robotics, and biotechnology.

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Three people collaborating on a computer in a professional office setting.

Startup Foundation: The Team

Despite it being obvious, some deep tech entrepreneurs overlook the importance of the [founding] team. Frequently it is the pressure to get busy and make sure you are going to be first in the market with a new product.

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Aerial view of a skyscraper's rooftop, showcasing a breathtaking cityscape from above

Venture Capital: How It Works

Venture capital (VC) has become synonymous with Silicon Valley, the heart of high-tech innovation and home to many prominent venture capital firms.

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A person holding wooden blocks with arrows on them, indicating direction and guidance

Fundraising As A Service

Fundraising is a complex set of activities and a time-consuming process aiming to find the funds to implement an idea. A fundraiser is a link between those who have resources and those who need them. 

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A group of professionals discussing ideas and strategies while standing around a whiteboard in a business setting.

Pitch Deck Structure: What Should You Include

A pitch deck is a start-up presentation that helps potential investors learn more about your business. It may sound strange, but the purpose of the pitch deck is not to get funding, but to reach the next meeting.

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TD Shepherd and Phonemic logos featuring collaboration

New Deep-tech Project: Phonemic

TD Shepherd is pleased to announce our role as a strategic advisor to Phonemic, one of the Top 40 Startups of HTVD22! Founded in 2020, Phonemic is a Polish startup specializing in design services for FPGA and ASIC. With a focus on efficient hardware implementation of compute-intensive algorithms…

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A visual representation of the startup financing cycle, illustrating the various stages and processes involved in funding a new business.

Startup Financing Cycle

Venture capital investment is needed to raise third-party capital for a promising startup, financing rapid growth. The investment allows either the development of a new product/idea (early stage) or the rapid growth of an existing business…

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Hands holding paper rocket with cloud in background.

Starting With The End In Mind

Over the last 5 to 7 years, we have seen more and more startups that have defined their ambition based on an earlier exit point as compared to most Deep-Tech startups.

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A diverse group of individuals gathered around a table, engrossed in discussions while examining papers.

The 12 Most Common Startup Mistakes In The Story

The core of the preparations for a financing round is your story. All teams, all startups, and all companies have a story. Part of that is history, and part of it is in the future.

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Hand-drawn rocket on sticky note

Mistakes At The Start When Creating A New Startup

When discussing the mistakes made during the initial stages of a startup, one can see that most of them are not related to the specific (technology) focus of the startup. Most of the mistakes are related to areas such as the market, the potential customers, the financing, the timeline etc.

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A man in a suit stacking wooden blocks with the words success, strategy, and plan.

Mistakes in the Preparation for a Venture Round

Once you have decided to seek venture capital to fund your Next Step, you have to determine what it takes to get a full proposal in front of a VC or, rather, a consortium of VCs.

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Decorative wooden cubes adorned with different symbols

Common Mistakes In The Pitch Deck

Some tend to think that a flashy deck with lots of animation and colorful graphs is going to impress the VC audience. This is wrong

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Team of individuals brainstorming and planning project, using sticky notes for organization

30 Mistakes To Avoid During The Pitch

Most important is practice – the majority of us are not in the habit of giving speeches and presentations for audiences so there is a good chance you will be nervous.

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Business professionals analyzing data on laptops and documents, using graphs and charts for decision-making.

The Acquisition Process in The Deep Tech Industry

Learn why the acquisition process in the deep tech industry is more complicated than in traditional tech sectors. Factors include specialized expertise, IP, regulatory concerns, and longer ROI.

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A black briefcase with a gold lock, perfect for keeping your belongings secure and organized.

Security And Privacy Concerns In M&A Deals

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are complex transactions involving a lot of confidential information and sensitive data

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A graph displaying upward and downward arrows.

Why EBITDA Matters: A deep dive into important financial metric

EBITDA can be a useful metric for comparing the profitability of different companies, especially in industries where capital structures and tax treatments can vary widely.

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A man using a calculator for financial calculations.

The Process Of Financial Analysis For A Merger Or Acquisition

Financial analysis is a critical step during a merger or acquisition process. It helps to assess the financial performance of the target company…

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A group of professionals analyzing graphs and documents

Techniques Used To Value An M&A Deal

Mergers & acquisitions (M&As) involve the purchase and sale of companies, making the valuation of the targets an essential part of the process. Valuing a deal is a complex process that requires to use of multiple techniques and strategies.

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A diverse group of professionals sitting around a table with laptops, engaged in a business meeting

The Impact Of Personnel Decisions On The Success Of The Organizational Change

When forming an integration team and making appointments to various positions in the new structure, there are two important parameters to consider that affect the success of organizational change

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A professional man and woman shaking hands across a desk, symbolizing a formal agreement or partnership.

The Non-Binding Offer

The agreement of key terms in the Letter of Intent (LOI) or the Non-Binding Offer (NBO) is a necessity. Until the NBO is signed, the seller can haggle and put forward their terms.

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A man holding a glowing globe with icons representing global connectivity and communication.

A Successful M&A Deal: A Formula For Maximizing Value

Getting the most out of M&A deals is the result of serious strategic planning. All work must be executed within the strict framework of a company’s business strategy…

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Back view of a group of people standing together, united and facing forward with diverse backgrounds.

How To Merge The Team After A Merger And Acquisition?

The impact of the transaction and the resulting integration means a reorganization of some employees’ tasks and functions.

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Business professionals collaborating on laptops and documents in a productive work environment.

How Do Companies Properly Prepare For A Merger?

Often, after companies have agreed to a merger, the integration process is delayed. We look at how both companies can maintain independence…

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Image illustrating the process of developing a comprehensive business plan with market analysis and financial forecasts.

Factors Affecting The Effectiveness Of M&A Deals

The development of the M&A market confirms the interest of company management to expand their business through integration. The study of factors influencing the effectiveness of integration deals is a topical issue today.

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Three-dimensional cube on gray background.

The Key Stages Of Mergers And Acquisitions Deal

Mergers and acquisitions of companies (M&A) are distinctive features of modern economics. And are considered by many businesses as a way to optimize production assets under the changing market situation and as a way to achieve competitive advantages.

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Two men shaking hands in a black and white photograph.

Mergers And Acquisitions: The Main Types Of Deals

Mergers and acquisitions are a class of economic processes of business and capital consolidation occurring on macro- and microeconomic levels, as a result of which larger companies appear on the market.

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A man in a suit gesturing towards a chart.

What Are M&A Risks And How Do They Affect The Deals?

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are complex transactions that carry various risks, potentially affecting the financial stability and overall success of the merging entities.

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Classic black and white photograph featuring business individuals.

How A Company Can Preserve Its Culture After M&A?

There are many examples in the business world where the culture of one company absorbs or suppresses another as a result of a merger. The reasons for this are most often the unpreparedness of the company for risks, corporate bureaucracy and lengthy and cumbersome decision-making cycles.

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A businessman in an office talking on the phone, financial reports and a tablet close-up on his desk.

Effectiveness Of M&A: How Can You Evaluate It?

There is no universal methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of mergers and acquisitions. Can we consider performance metrics to be accurate if they are based strictly on financial statements?

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A man in a white shirt and blue tie standing in front of a group of men.

Overcoming Staff Resistance After M&A

Experience shows that one of the reasons for the ineffectiveness of mergers is personnel resistance. This prevents the creation of a single coordinated team and the exchange of …

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Business team analyzing paperwork together at a table.

The Role Of Corporate Finance In The (Deep-tech) Deal

One of the reasons for the failure of M&A deals is the excessive enthusiasm of those involved in the transaction process and the lack of experience of business shareholders.

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A man in a black suit and tie looking directly at the camera

A Non-Disclosure Agreement In M&A Transactions

One important step in M&A transactions is the signing of a non-disclosure agreement on the company that is being prepared for sale. Disclosure of business information may cause a loss of competitive advantage or result in losses.

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TD Shepherd and Arioso logos featuring collaboration

Arioso Systems GmbH, 2022

The TD Shepherd team congratulates Arioso Systems GmbH on their successful acquisition by Bosch Sensortec.

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TD Shepherd booth at High-Tech Venture Days 2023 event

HTVD 2022 Key Takeaways

TD Shepherd has participated as a partner at the HTVD 2022 annual event. This year the event took place from October 10th through October 11th in Dresden, Germany.

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TD Shepherd team at Collision 2023 event

Collision Conference 2022 Key Takeaways

We had the opportunity to attend Collision Conference in Toronto this year, and we wanted to share some key takeaways with you.

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TD Shepherd and Itom logos featuring collaboration

TD Shepherd & Co. as the sole financial advisor to ItoM Holding B.V. Shareholders in Bosch Acquisition

Robert Bosch GmbH and ItoM Holding B.V. signed an agreement covering the acquisition of 100% of the shares of ItoM Services by Robert Bosch GmbH. 

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HardTech VentureLab event: A group of entrepreneurs discussing innovative technologies and investment opportunities.

Hardtech VentureLAB 2022 Key Takeaways

TD Shepherd was present at VentureLAB’s Hardtech conference in Markham/Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This was the second time VentureLAB organized this event which is focused on Deep Tech – in general and more specifically semiconductor startups in Canada.

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a conference hall at EDA event

EDA Conference 2022 Key Takeaways

TD Shepherd attended the 2022 annual EDA conference (EDA as in European Defence Agency), which took place on December 8th in Brussels.

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Mike Beunder at GSA 2023 event

GSA European Executive Forum 2023 Key Takeaways

This year’s GSA event was again a combination of presentations with Q&A and panel discussions. The main focus of the event was—no surprise given that the meeting takes place in Munich—automotive and the (future) role of semiconductors in the automotive industry.

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TD Shepherd team at Collision 2023 event

Collision 2023 Key Takeaways

TD Shepherd is thrilled to have attended Collision Conference 2023 in Toronto! Collision had lots of engaging sessions, interesting speakers, and amazing networking opportunities.

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Deep Tech Connect 2023 event conference hall

Deep Tech Connect: A Deep Tech Innovation Forum 2023 Key Takeaways

The TD Shepherd team recently had the opportunity to attend the highly esteemed Deep Tech Connect event, organized by the Extreme Tech Challenge and HighTechXL.  

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High-Tech Venture Days 2022 event

High-Tech Venture Days 2023 Key Takeaways

The recent HTVD event brought exciting developments and improvements, as well as some valuable insights for the attendees.

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Attendees engaging in discussions at a CSC event

Canada’s Semiconductor Council Summit 2024 Key Takeaways

Attending the Canadian Semiconductor Council Summit in Ottawa (Tuesday, February 6th) was an excellent opportunity to participate in a focused discussion on Canada’s current and future semiconductor strategy.

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