About Us

The TD Shepherd team has been helping technology companies successfully navigate the maze of corporate finance since 2004.

Originally as two separate companies active in the high-tech startup scene and the corporate M&A which merged in 2014. As seasoned Silicon Valley veterans we understand that the final transaction, being the investment round or the acquisition, is only as good as the path towards it. That path requires a deep knowledge of the market, the technology, the key players and eco-system. The ability to understand the customer’s story allows TD Shepherd to not only determine the best strategy but also how a customer should be positioned to achieve best results. Full understanding first and we practice that by using two approaches: Discovery and Ambition. Depending on the stage of the company and the clarity on strategy, growth targets and roadmap, one or the other approach is used to determine the exact position the company and management team is in. Based on that position and its objectives a detailed plan and timeline can be developed together with the management team and shareholders to ensure that TD Shepherd and customer operate as ONE TEAM. Given that the path can to completion can sometimes take a year or longer it is very important that we operate as one, not two separate teams.


TD Shepherd provides a unique blend of corporate finance expertise, hands-on experience with high-tech, high-potential companies, and a rich network of Dutch, European, Asian and US venture funds. It includes partner agreements with other corporate finance companies that have the same focus and expertise as TD Shepherd. This makes it easy to rapidly scale up efforts for anything from strategic investors to potential acquirers/acquisition candidates. Our team — former venture fund partners, serial entrepreneurs, corporate finance and business development VPs, CEOs, and marketing and HR specialists — put a combined century of expertise at your disposal.


TD Shepherd holds office in Utrecht, the Netherlands. More frequently however, we operate from our customer’s office, in particular during the preparatory stage (the so-called “Departure” stage) as it puts less loading on the customer’s time and also provides easier access to other team members while building the materials for the process. As TD Shepherd employs a global team of Associates, we always have a “local” Associate as the direct stakeholder and continued connection point in the early stages of the process. For key activities, the complete project team will assemble at the customer’s location to ensure optimal communication and interaction. This is where the specific background and expertise of the Associates in combination with the customer’s management team comes to full value.