TD Shepherd is a corporate finance company focused on DeepTech including and specifically the semiconductor-, EDA- and cyber industries.

Our team, partnerships and network are focused on providing in-depth coverage of these industries. From universities through incubators and startups to corporations and venture funds, our focus is to provide our knowledge and expertise to management teams that are preparing to make the next step.

Our projects range from raising ventures rounds to mergers and acquisitions and everything in between. Approximately 40% of our efforts and time is focused on supporting startups in making that next step. From Ambition and Discovery to the preparations and the actual fundraising, term sheet negotiations and closing we work with the founders/Management Team to charter out the best path to completion.

Another 40% of our activity is focused on M&A, MBO and Buy & Build activities. Here we work with private equity parties as well as corporates and Management Teams to charter out the path for the next step and the steps required to accomplish that next step. Often these activities start with a strategic consulting engagement, helping Management Teams to understand the options and the necessary preparations to achieve best results.

Finally, about 20% of our efforts are focused on activities within the eco-system: ranging from due diligence for VCs/syndicates through Board and Advisory Board services to Board building and ESOP setup.

Our different team members have experience on all sides of the table: from entrepreneurs to investment managers and fund managers to M&A bankers. What is important is that our focus is not just on the transaction: our focus is on the full path of the company. Even though we are categorized as corporate finance, in fact 90% of our team has a focus on the actual content: from process equipment to IP libraries, from multicore programming to IoT security, from process simulation to SOC design.