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Selection of Our Customer Stories

From Series A financing to management buyouts, our Silicon Valley veterans navigate the diverse landscape of transaction values, consistently delivering results that exceed expectations, with deals ranging from 3 million to over one hundred million euros.

The following success stories we can put out in more detail here:

Our Customers



Graphenea S.A.

Graphenea Solutions S.L. is a startup founded in 2010 and headquartered in Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain. Graphenea focuses on providing services to users requiring graphene or graphene-based materials. Graphenea’s customers today are served with a 4” and 6” manufacturing capability in which research & development as well as production is being executed. TD Shepherd provided strategic advisory services to the Graphenea Management Team in 2022.


Phonemic Sp.

Phonemic, is a deep-tech fabless semiconductor design services startup with focus on the development of strategic (mostly digital as opposed to analog or mixed-signal) IP products for the semiconductor market. TD Shepherd provides strategic advisory services to the Management Team since 2020.


IMantics Inc.

iMantics has developed a platform which enables IoT applications to quickly and efficiently connect their IoT devices to the cloud and from there, based on a customer specific engine, make the data actionable for these customers. TD Shepherd provided strategic advisory services to the iMantics Management Team over the period of 2018/2019.


EFFECT Photonics B.V.

EFFECT Photonics is a highly vertically integrated, independent photonic semiconductor company, addressing the need for high-performance, affordable solutions driven by the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth and faster data transfer capabilities. TD Shepherd support the Management Team with the setup of the company and was subsequently part of its Advisory Board until 2018, being actively involved in the supporting the company with its product development challenges and its strategic technology roadmap.



Inkef is one of the leading early-stage, hands-on investors operating in Europe. Inkef’s goal is to help build companies, not valuations. It strongly believes that true value and sustainable returns can only be created with a long-term strategic vision.
TD Shepherd executed due diligence services for Inkef on a number of its investments including Quantum Motion Ltd., a startup located in the UK, focused on building the first VLSI-scalable quantum computer.


Simbeyond B.V.

Simbeyond provides a software tool for the development of organic electronic devices that replaces a large part of the costly and time-consuming experimental efforts with computer simulations. The unique approach provided allows users to analyze, predict and improve device performance. Not only is this relevant for device manufacturers looking to optimize device structures, but also for material manufacturers looking to test new materials. This leads to a shorter time-to-market and to reduced R&D costs for the electronic devices of today and tomorrow. TD Shepherd provided strategic consulting services to the Simbeyond Management Team over the period of a year in 2022/2023.


Silexica GmbH

Silexica was founded in August 2014 and has positioned itself as a key provider of tools for multicore architectures. It develops tools to architect multicore platforms as well as a software development platform that enables the development of applications for multicore architectures. It also provides services to customize both architecture tools and programming platform to match specific vendor architectures, enabling a 100% fit of the target architecture into the multicore platform combined with a similarly matching software development environment. TD Shepherd provided Discovery services to Silexica and its preparations for its Series A venture round.


Appentra S.A.R.L.

Appentra is a startup founded in 2012 and headquartered in A. Coruna, Spain. Appentra’s focus is on software development tools for the parallelization of software for High-Performance Computing applications (HPC market). TD Shepherd provided discovery services in 2019 to Appentra in preparation for its Series A venture round raise.


Withlocals B.V.

Founded in May 2013, with initial focus on Asia, Withlocals is part of the same wave of peer-to-peer travel related companies (like AirBnB) that combine new tools with new business. Since December 2013 its social marketplace connects travelers with locals, ensuring the traveler a unique, personalized and authentic experience, ranging anywhere between a “personal” 10km run followed by a brunch in Singapore to a family dinner in Hanoi. Withlocals not only connects the traveler with a completely new service, namely that of the local micro-entrepreneur, it does such in a social/ethical context outside of the existing conglomerates. The traveler is assured of an authentic and personal experience while having the certainty that his payment is almost completely to the benefit of his host. TD Shepherd supported Withlocals in the full process of raising its Series A round of € 3.5M. In addition, it also carried out the full process of raising € 2.5M EU Horizon 2020 grant.


ItoM B.V.

ItoM B.V. is a Netherlands-based semiconductor design services company. It is one of the leading IC design companies in the field of RF transceivers, adaptive signal processing and automotive circuits. ItoM was acquired by Robert Bosch GmbH in 2022. The complete M&A process was set up and managed by TD Shepherd.


Arioso GmbH

Arioso consisted of a seasoned team of entrepreneurs and engineers, developing the next generation speaker technology: micro-speakers made from 100 % silicon for the rapidly growing market of true wireless in-ear devices. Arioso’s µSpeakers are ten times smaller than conventional speakers, more energy-efficient and easily scalable – features sought-after by target clients: large OEMs (Apple, Samsung, etc.), Internet brands (Google, Microsoft, etc.) as well as manufacturers of headphones and hearing aids. The company was acquired by Robert Bosch GmbH in 2022.


Qualinx B.V.

Qualinx B.V. is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in ultra-low power wireless connectivity which releases the world’s most power efficient GPS/GNSS sensor: the QLX300. It focuses on serving the rapidly growing IoT, wearables and tracker markets which have an insatiable demand for ultra-low power components. TD Shepherd supported the full process of Qualinx’s Series A raise which completed at a total level of € 20M in 2022. In 2023 TD Shepherd also supported Qualinx in raising a substantial grant from EUSPA for the implementation of EUSPA’s OSNMA protocol for its Galileo GNSS.