Tatiana Novikova

Tatiana is a marketing and advertising specialist, bringing a wealth of expertise cultivated over several years in the field.

Marketing Director

Marketing Director at TD Shepherd

About us Tatiana

Tatiana is experienced in enhancing corporate online visibility through web advertising, social media, and various online platforms, while also specializing in affiliate and e-commerce marketing, data analytics, content management, advertising, data management, and SEO. Tatiana formulates, executes, and refines online marketing strategies to fortify brand awareness and attract a diverse customer base. She assumes a pivotal role in developing and executing comprehensive marketing plans, meticulously evaluating the efficacy of different styles and strategies, and fine-tuning the approach as needed. Tatiana’s passion for research and data analysis allows her to discern patterns and trends that bear significance on the business, contributing to informed decision-making.

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Tatiana Novikova