Merger & Acquisition

We are widely recognized as a specialized technology boutique with extensive knowledge of the market and an excellent ability to identify best-fit merger or acquisition targets for strategic buyers, then help them conclude a transaction that is satisfying to all involved.

Buyers come to us to achieve a variety of strategic objectives. They may be looking for targeted mergers or acquisitions to expand their geographical footprint, to strengthen their services or technology portfolio, to expand their customer base or to create critical mass.

A successful merger or /acquisition process requires execution on multiple levels, with distinct roles for each participant. Our diverse blend of backgrounds and our independent position enable us to flexibly switch between roles as the process dictates, so that we can offer perfect support during the entire acquisition process, from strategy discussion up through negotiations and closing.

Our process

We start by understanding your acquisition strategy and objectives. To focus the discussion and promote clarity, we often present a long list of potential targets in an early stage of the process. Thanks to our decades in the high-tech sector, we can draw on a deep global network to identify and vet targets that align with your company’s culture, strategy and objectives.

Once we all agree on exactly what you’re looking for, we jointly prepare a short list of acquisition opportunities, then approach these companies, again drawing on our industry connections.

We lead the process from start to finish, working closely with your strategy and M&A teams through negotiations, due diligence and final contracts.