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We have a fundamental rule when engaging with a customer: we work as one team.

Initiating “The Next Step” with a Unified Vision

No matter what “The Next Step” is, it can only be achieved in an optimal way when everyone is on the same page, full agreement on the path to take and complete focus on the objective. For this purpose, we always employ a “Setup” (or “Discovery”) step at the start of a project. This first step ensures that there is ONE team with a common understanding – a condition for a successful execution of “The Next Step”.

From our side we bring in the full in-depth expertise fitting the project. Today’s projects always require a multi-disciplinary team. We complement the deep-tech disciplines with financial expertise to ensure coverage of the full scope of the project. We believe that for most “Next Steps” the days of a single advisor are over – not only is it a single-point-of-failure with no backup but it also has a limited view and network to ensure all challenges can be dealt with expediently and expertly. TD Shepherd’s has a global team with Senior Associates in places such as Silicon Valley and Taiwan. Very few companies, VCs or CVCs, that we cannot reach on a personal basis.

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