A management buyout is often an exciting process taking place in a complex corporate environment.

The result can be extremely rewarding for all stakeholders, including the parent company, the management team, the financial sponsor and the employees.

Based on our extensive experience with MBOs, we know there are four key aspects to achieving a successful transaction: assembling a high-quality team, building the right business case, understanding the situation’s complexities and managing emotions and politics.

These four aspects are largely independent of the industry involved, which is why we also provide support to ambitious management teams outside the technology sector. The crucial factors for us in agreeing to take on an MBO are a solid business case and an eager and professional management team.

Our process

We often become involved at an early stage and serve as a sparring partner, to help you fully understand what it will take to achieve an MBO, sometimes even before you’ve shared your ambitions with the parent company. We prefer to start as early as possible, so we can share our experience and advise your management team on how to maximize the chance of success.

There’s a lot of work to be done before we approach potential financial sponsors: from developing a strategic view on the business unit after the MBO to preparing an information memorandum and handling internal procedures. We guide you through the entire process, from initial discussions about the business case through preparing a bid to the parent company and securing the right financial sponsor all the way to final closing.