Focus Areas

TD Shepherd focuses on markets, existing and emerging, with a DeepTech core.

These include markets based on semiconductor-, photonics- and EDA technology as well products and markets relying on these technologies. The pervasiveness of semiconductors alone brings in applications ranging from IoT to logistics 4.0; from automotive platforms for autonomous driving to ultra-low power sensor platforms; from heterogeneous multicore programming to PUF technology for SoCs; from InP technology for PiCs to RF and analog/mixed-signal libraries; from SiC materials to power semiconductors. In general, there is a significant synergy and/or overlap between the different fields listed. For that purpose, TD Shepherd believes that it is important to be active in the whole field and its related eco-system to be able to charter the most relevant course for a company and its Management Team and shareholders. In order to determine where the highest strategic multiplier is to be found, it is crucial to understand the specific field in depth and be able to connect 1-on-1 with the key players in such a field. Differently put, the transaction is the completion of the path, but it is the path towards the transaction which determines the quality of the transaction and the time to the transaction

Today, TD Shepherd recognizes the following key focus areas:


Semiconductor Equipment & Materials



Embedded Programming