Startup Speed Training Sessions

Deep-tech startup speed training sessions designed specifically for deep tech entrepreneurs. Our sessions provide intensive, targeted training to accelerate your startup’s growth and success.

Ambition & Compass Session

A one-day interactive workshop designed by startup experts at TD Shepherd. This intensive session is tailored to build the essential foundation for your startup’s compass and dashboard, providing your team with the tools to navigate future challenges and effectively communicate your progress to investors.

Preparation Requirements:

To ensure a productive session, we require your team to come prepared with a business plan and a pitch deck. These materials will serve as the basis for our discussions and planning activities.

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scheme of due diligence process

Due Diligence Session

Due Diligence training session designed to equip your management team with the essential skills and knowledge to master the due diligence process. This interactive one-day session will guide your team through the crucial steps of building a robust data room that offers a complete and transparent view of your company’s status.

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round preparation process scheme

Round Preparation Session

Round Preparation Session is an intensive one-day speed session is crafted to ensure you’re fully prepared for your round. The morning session dives deep into the critical elements such as business planning, financials, pitching techniques, and crafting an impactful one-pager. The afternoon is reserved for rigorous testing, providing a real-world scenario to assess your team’s readiness and effectiveness.

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