Mike Beunder

Mike co-founded several successful high tech startups in the US, UK and the Netherlands.

Managing Partner & Founder - NL

Photo of Mike Beunder, Managing partner and Founder of TD Shepherd

À propos de Mike

Mike brought on board some of the top VCs as investors including Wellington, Tallwood, Norwest Ventures, Amadeus and Celtic House.

Mike currently serves on the supervisory and advisory boards of several high-tech companies in Europe and the US, including FlxOne (a high exposure advertising technology platform), Intrinsic-ID and WithLocals. He knows what it takes to build up a great technology company and create the conditions to come to a successful exit or financing round. Mike received his MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 1985 and his PhD in Electrical Engineering in 1989, both from Twente University in the Netherlands. In 2012 he received his MA (with distinction) in International Relations and Conflict from Kings College at London University. He also serves on the AdCom of the IEEE Solid State Circuits Society and as a reviewer on a number of government committees. He enjoys an extensive network in the US as well as in Asia and Europe.

Mike started his career as a VLSI designer at the VLSI Program, CSIRO in Adelaide, Australia. He has held technical and managerial positions at companies such as the Institute for Microelectronics in Stuttgart, Germany, VLSI Technology and COMPASS Design Automation in Sophia-Antipolis, France as well as San Jose, CA, USA and Philips Semiconductors, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. He has been part of a number of Technical Committees and conference organizations and has been consulting to companies and institutions such as IBM Semiconductors, UC Berkeley’s IRAM project, SI2, DPI, Avant!, Glo, Philips and Process Relations. He has successfully moved several companies from Europe to California to establish operations.

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Mike Beunder