Anartz Unamuno

Senior Semiconductor Process Executive with experience in CMOS, MEMS and photonics

Senior Associate Director - DE

Photo of Anartz Unamuno Senior Associate director at TD Shepherd

À propos de Anartz

Anartz has over 20 years of combined academic and professional experience in MEMS, CMOS and photonic products. He has held technical positions at two startups, Cavendish Kinetics and Arioso Systems, both with successful exits. Anartz initiated the CMUT development activities at Fraunhofer IPMS in Dresden. He also held management positions at a semiconductor foundry (X-FAB), where he led the MEMS team and defined the strategy for technology development. Since 2021 Anartz advises deep-tech startups with strategic, business and operational topics.

Anartz holds a MSc in Automatics & Electronics from the Mondragon -University in Spain, and a MSc in Operations Research and PhD in Electrical Engineering (focus MEMS) from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. He has >10 patents in the fields of MEMS and semiconductors.

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Anartz Unamuno