The Key Stages Of Mergers And Acquisitions Deal

Mergers and acquisitions of companies (M&A) are distinctive features of modern economics. And are considered by many businesses as a way to optimize production assets under the changing market situation and as a way to achieve competitive advantages.

Different experts define for themselves their own set of stages of a merger of firms. The number varies from 5 to 10. Below we will consider the most common phases of mergers and acquisitions, the detailed study of which will ensure the success of a merger.

1 – Definition of the strategy

2 – Selection of a qualified team to carry out the transaction

3 – Definition of the final results of the merger or acquisition

4 – Definition of the criteria to be met by the target company

5 – Search for the target firm

6 – Negotiation process with the target company

7 – Analysis of the acquired firm

8 – Implementation of the deal

9 – Integration of companies

10 – Evaluation of the results of the merger or acquisition

In the process of mergers and acquisitions, it is necessary to thoroughly study all the stages of companies’ processes. A seemingly insignificant omission at a seemingly unimportant stage can cause the failure of the entire transaction.