New Deep-tech Project: Phonemic

TD Shepherd and Phonemic logos featuring collaboration

TD Shepherd is pleased to announce our role as a strategic advisor to Phonemic, one of the Top 40 Startups of HTVD22!

Founded in 2020, Phonemic is a Polish startup specializing in design services for FPGA and ASIC. With a focus on efficient hardware implementation of compute-intensive algorithms, their expertise spans Digital Signal Processing (5G, LTE), cryptography, system-level design, and integration.

Thanks to a strong team of engineers experienced in the semiconductor industry, Phonemic covers a wide spectrum of hardware development — navigating from algorithm optimization on the mathematical level along with RTL design and verification to FPGA bring-up, all the way up to embedded software development.

Phonemic’s project portfolio includes full development of complex SoC on FPGA, custom specialized IP-Core development, and hardware acceleration of customers’ target applications.

We look forward to contributing to Phonemic’s ongoing success and innovation in the deep-tech industry.

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