High-Tech Venture Days 2023 Key Takeaways

High-Tech Venture Days 2022 event

The recent HTVD event brought exciting developments and improvements, as well as some valuable insights for the attendees. Here are the key takeaways from the event:

  • HTVD was back at the old venue, a clear improvement over the 2022 venue, which was noisy. The table meetings were also much more part of the overall events as opposed to being on the side.
  • There was a surge in corporate VCs participating in the event; this is very welcome when the cooperation between industry and startups will get more important, given the reduced activity of the regular VCs;
  • The reverse presentations of the VCs are always good – it reduces the “distance” between the VCs and startups; not all events practice this, so we are glad to see HTVD do this as part of their program;
  • The HTVD meeting app is one of the best I’ve seen used at such events. Most of them are not very practical nor user-friendly; however, the HTVD app is great in pretty much everything you would want to use it for, from planning to active use during the event;

The HTVD event continues to be a key player in the startup and venture capital world, and it is moving in a positive direction.

As we have seen at the HTVD’23, private companies are developing and pioneering ground-breaking technologies that shape the future of high-tech industries. In today’s dynamic landscape, the national security and space exploration realms are not just confined to government agencies. Engaging with companies from these reals in an early stage is beneficial for strengthening Europe’s Security and Defence advantage and economic prosperity.
The High-Tech Venture Days in Dresden 2023 offered a glimpse into cutting-edge innovations and advancements in the technology sector. The participants showcased a wide range of opportunities for dual-use applications, from quantum computing and defense technologies to sensors, integrated photonics, semiconductor, and space industry innovations.
Early involvement of the major corporates within Europe’s Defence Technological and Industrial Base will drive the development and early acceptance of dual-use innovative technology within our alliances.
For those active in providing venture capital to these types of companies,  HTVD’23 represents a unique opportunity to contribute to both dual-use innovation and the advancement of our national security.

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