Speedlinq to KPN

We supported Speedlinq’s shareholders in the company’s successful trade sale to telecommunications company KPN.

At the time of its acquisition, Speedlinq was the fastest-growing internet service provider in the Netherlands, with almost 40,000 customers and a seven-consecutive-year ranking as the Netherlands’ fastest ISP. Small wonder that the Dutch Consumer Association elected Speedlinq a “Best Buy” on multiple occasions. The company’s founders approached us to help them achieve a highly successful exit.

Our role

For a two-year period, we supported Speedlinq’s founders and management team, Hans Huygens and Pieter Porte, in building up their business. When Hans and Pieter asked us to look for potential strategic buyers, we jointly decided that, to be of interest to such a buyer, Speedlinq should have sufficient critical mass, a very simple, easy-to-integrate organization, and due-diligence-proof operations. The company’s momentum was exactly right when KPN became the preferred acquirer.

What happened next?

Speedlinq has been fully integrated into KPN’s organization. KPN acquired Speedlinq to increase its share of the broadband market; Hans and Pieter succeeded in doubling the number of customers within a year of the acquisition, making this a very successful transaction for both Speedlinq’s shareholders and KPN.