Albumprinter (Netherlands)

Funding for Albumprinter from Van Den Ende & Deitmers Venture Partners

We supported Albumprinter’s shareholders in facilitating growth capital from Van den Ende & Deitmers Venture Partners.

Albumprinter is a highly successful online photobook service. The company is the Dutch market leader and one of Europe’s major players. Its shareholders asked us to help the company secure funding to accelerate its growth and facilitate its international expansion.

Our role

After Albumprinter was approached by a number of interested investors, the company’s shareholders asked us to take the lead in discussions and negotiations and to design a structure that would resolve the valuation discussion and create an excellent transaction for all stakeholders. We succeeded in bringing in Van den Ende & Deitmers Venture Capital Partners, who supported Albumprinter in its international expansion.

What happened next?

Albumprinter (now Albelli) grew its revenue from €5 million in 2005 to €37 million in 2010 and sold to Vistaprint in 2011 for over €80 million, after a successful international expansion with multiple acquisitions. Albelli is now a top-five player in the global online photobook market