The Biggest Funding Challenge Faced By Deep Tech Startups

Deep tech startups are those that are based on advanced and complex technologies, such as AI, blockchain, nanotechnology, etc.
These startups face unique challenges in terms of funding, as they often require significant investments in research and development over a longer period of time before they can bring a product to market. Many of the regular VC funds do NOT have a lifetime that covers the typical lifetime of a DeepTech company [until its exit].

One of the biggest challenges for deep tech startups is that their technologies are often not yet fully developed, meaning not yet proven in the market or even considered as frontier research. This makes it difficult to attract investors looking for more established opportunities. Additionally, for VCs to evaluate potential deep tech startup opportunities, they often require highly specialized expertise, which can be difficult and expensive to find…

Another challenge for deep tech startups is that they often face longer development timelines than startups in other sectors. This means they need to raise more funding over a longer period of time before they can launch their first product. However, investors typically expect that by the end of a Series A round, a minimum viable product is demonstrated to potential customers.

In the context of its target market(s), these are either new and hence not qualified by existing opportunities and/or companies and products, or the new product intends to make an existing market obsolete with its introduction. Either scenario requires not only significant waiting time (which is a different way of saying that a lot can happen in between) but is also often hard to validate due to lack of reliable market research data.

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