Dirk Ortloff

Dirk's software experience covers the full breadth of the semiconductor and EDA industry

Associate Director - DE

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Über Dirk

Dirk Ortloff brings over 25 years of software development experience to the team with a focus on systems and applications within the semiconductor industry. His first encounter in the semiconductor industry/EDA was the development and implementation of a hot-electron model as part of COMPASS Design Automation’s process modeling software. From there Dirk was the architect and co-founder of Process Relations GmbH, a company well known for its XperiDesk, an enterprise platform for the development of complex manufacturing processes in the semiconductor and thin-film market. Process Relations was acquired by camLine GmbH in 2014 where Dirk initially served as Product Manager, subsequently moving to the position of Department Manager in 2017 and becoming a Director’ in 2018 where he remained until February 2020. Before Process Relations, Dirk served as a VP and MT member at Cavendish Kinetics Ltd. from 2003 until 2007 where he was responsible for all software development including Cavendish’s process development execution system and two related major European research programs (under FP6). Before Cavendish, Dirk spent 6 years with debis Systemhaus GEI GmbH, as one of the key developers and architect for the German Truck Toll System.

Dirk received his Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Dortmund in 1995 on the subject of the design and implementation of a hot-carrier reliability analysis tool and his PhD from the University of Siegen and Karlsruhe in 2006 on the subject of Product Engineering for MEMS IP Development. Dirk has published over 50 papers as well as a book on MEMS engineering.

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