Congratulations to Qualinx on Securing the EUSPA OSNMA Grant

Screenshot of Qualinx company article

TD Shepherd congratulates the Qualinx team and Tom Trill, CEO of Qualinx for their outstanding achievement in securing the EUSPA OSNMA grant. The grant focuses on the security (anti-spoofing) for commercial users of the Galileo GNSS satellite constellation. Qualinx’s GNSS and related digital radio frequency technology will form an important component of the OSNMA reference implementation covered by the project.

The partnership with EUSPA – EU Agency for the Space Programme, facilitated through the European Commission’s CASSINI initiative, reinforces Qualinx’s position at the forefront of deep-tech startups in the space domain.

This achievement solidifies Qualinx’s position as a pioneer in next-generation ultra low-power GNSS technology. TD Shepherd congratulates Qualinx on this great occasion and looks forward to witnessing the continued impact of their innovative solutions on the future of satellite navigation and related markets.

Well done, Qualinx!
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