Edwin Bakker

Edwin has build up a track record as entrepreneur in the educational software and home automation market.

Edwin began his career at Standard & Poor's in London, where he worked as a rating analyst within the Telecommunications industry. Subsequently he worked for a proprietary trading desk at ING Barings (also in London) as a fixed income analyst, before managing a fixed income fund across many industries at NIB Capital in the Hague.

From there on, Edwin progressed to more commercial and entrepreneurial roles. He managed and founded several enterprises, in educational software and home automation, amongst others. The home automation enterprise was aimed at serving the larger players in the home automation spectrum as an ODM/OEM manufacturer by combining low cost production (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) with western management (Amsterdam). Edwin has also acted as (interim) CFO for several start ups.

Although having no technical background, Edwin has always had an intrinsic interest in innovation and more specifically, in what the eventual practical application is and how it can be marketed.

Edwin holds a master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Groningen and has completed the course Mastering Credit Analysis at Standard & Poor’s University in New York.