Harel Lichtenstein

Harel is a young entrepreneur with multiple years of semiconductor experience in the ASIC Design and Verification field.

Harel is currently active as a young entrepreneur doing freelance ASIC Design work. He also works with with Private Equity firms for technical consulting and due diligence and within that considgnment supports two early-stage software companies. Harel is also helping in the business development of new Semiconductor startups, adding value through his expertise and his network.

Harel Lichtenstein is an ASIC Design and Verification Engineer with multiple year of experience in the field with companies such as Intel, Xilinx in Canada, as well as Marvell, Cavium and Groq in Silicon Valley, covering many technologies, designs and nodes, as well as seeing the design cycle from conception to implementation.

From an education standpoint, Harel has an undergrad in Biomedical and Electrical and Engineering, and a Electrical and Computer Masters in Engineering from Carleton University, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, giving him a wide look and understanding of the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering.