Valuation is inherently subjective; the worth of an object or service depends on the time, context, expectations and risks involved.

The most common type of business valuation is performed to aid strategic acquisitions, transfer of ownership, MBIs, MBOs, succession or inheritance. Our valuation expertise can also be useful to you during the funding process, a shareholder buyout or buy-in, employee stock participation, trademark valuation, intellectual property valuation, or in the event of conflict or damage.

As a member of the Dutch Association of Register Valuators (NIRV), we are well positioned to conduct your business valuation in all these situations.

Our process

Because future performance is the most important variable in mergers and acquisitions, we generally calculate a company‚Äôs economic value based on expected future cash flows, taking into account potential risks and uncertainties connected with the company and its industry. Several valuation methods are available, such as the discounted cash flow (DCF) method , and our professionals use those that best fit your specific company and situation.