Carve out

We have a strong track record in supporting corporations that are looking to sell part of their business, a business unit or division, or specific assets or activities.

Because these business units or activities are embedded in the parent company’s operations, carve-outs and divestments are often complex processes. Before the client is able to sell, it must be clear what the seller is selling and what the buyer is buying. We help our clients create a transparent business case with clear financial, organizational, operational, legal, fiscal, IP and commercial parameters.

Our process

Divestments are often disruptive for a company’s people, so we start by helping you accurately assess its chance of success. That involves gaining a clear understanding of the market dynamics and identifying potential strategic or financial buyers.

Once success is viable, we put together a small project team of experts from different disciplines to design the business case, gather the required data from all the many parts of the organization, and set up the documentation and the data room. In parallel, we identify potential buyers and create a short list.

We then approach the shortlisted companies, provide them with the relevant documentation, support the due diligence process, and take the lead in negotiations. Throughout the process, we ensure that every step is tightly managed, so that potential obstacles are resolved as they arise and the transaction is a resounding success.