Our team has been involved in more than a hundred transactions, ranging from Series A financing to complex management buyout deals with transaction values ranging from 3 million to over one hundred million euros.

As seasoned Silicon Valley veterans, we have a deep understanding of the markets we operate in and the setup and parameters for successful transactions. We remain in close contact with our clients’ teams after the deal completes, providing additional services and advice to ensure the company continues along its path of growth and success.

TD Shepherd's focus is on so-called DeepTech - ranging from semiconductors to complex embedded programming tools, from software packages to manage complex semiconductor process development to dedicated materials processing (and required equipment) for semiconductor-based sensors.

Early Stage Financing

Our partners and associates have co-founded, advised and served as board members at several dozen high-tech startups in Europe and the US.

As co-founders, CEOs and VPs, we have taken several fledgling technology companies through seed and A rounds, including Silicon Access Inc. (embedded DRAM), Cavendish Kinetics Ltd. (MEMS) and Vector Fabrics B.V. (multicore programming tools).

As strategic advisors, we have guided young companies such as Albumprinter B.V. (photo book software) and EFFECT Photonics B.V. (optical communications SoC) through their A rounds.

Growth Financing

In both the co-founder and advisor roles, we have guided several growth-phase companies through their B and C rounds, including Cavendish Kinetics Ltd. (MEMS), Anachron B.V. (e-invoicing and document management), UnifiedPost and Vector Fabrics B.V. (multicore programming tools).

Mergers & Acquisitions

We have supported several US, Asian and European private and public companies and private equity firms in implementing a buy-build strategy, including Logica (IT services and consulting) and Econocom (IT services and consulting).

Management Buyouts

We have guided several high-profile and very successful buyouts, including Global Collect (out of TNT), CARe Schadeservice (out of Athlon Lease), Noordlease (out of BMW) and LoyaltyProfs (out of TNT).

Carve-outs & Divestments

We have successfully carved out and sold business units, assets and activities for companies including Philips (embedded software), TDS (managed IT services) and Logica (HR software and services).

Strategic Advisors

TD Shepherd’s experience in strategic and operational planning makes our partners and associates highly desired supervisory and advisory board members. We are currently serving as strategic advisors or members of the (advisory) boards of several European and US companies ranging from startups to more mature ventures, including Intrinsic-ID B.V. (security IP cores and applications), EFFECT Photonics B.V. (optical communications SoCs) and Spin Transfer Technologies, Inc. (magnetoresistive RAM technologies) and Withlocals B.V. (peer-to-peer market platform for home dining).

Grant Applications

TD Shepherd's team as a long history of successful grant applications under Dutch and European programs. These include successful applications under H2020, FP7 and Eureka.


Several active training programs have been developed by TD Shepherd to help its customers improve operations both before and after the transaction.