TD Shepherd continues to grow its network and key partnerships within that network to increase its reach and agility.

Early on TD Shepherd has learned that a well maintained network is crucial in helping its customers to reach the best settings for making their Next Step. Discussion with peers with respect to outlook and dynamics within specific ecosystems/markets is highly valuable. Partnerships fulfill a special role as they allow TD Shepherd to quickly share and scale an effort if that is in the interest of the customer. TD Shepherd has standing agreements with its partners when it comes to deal sharing and jointly deliver the most optimal solution for the customer. This guarantees a fast paced process with best outcome.

Microtech Ventures

Microtech Ventures is focused on strategic venture capital, angel investing, and M&A advisory services. Our mission is to accelerate the development of sensors, MEMS, and microtechnologies for the advancement of civilization and creation of market value. Our deep industry knowledge and extensive network, combined with practical hands-on strategy experience, enables us to quickly identify the connections that result in multiple opportunities to maximize ownership value, and ensure successful outcomes.

HighTech Startbahn

HighTech Startbahn is one of the few incubation organizations that has a focus on hardware based startups. HighTech Startbahn supports young deep tech companies with business development and -expansion and help to master the venture journey. We see about 500 young deep-tech companies every year — nearly 10% of these start-ups and scale-ups we support with our operational approach and our network.

HighTech Startbahn