Cassini Entrepreneur Days 2024 Key Takeaways

a graph showing the distribution of startups which participated in the Cassini Days

Interesting to look back at the successful Cassini Entrepreneur Days in Prague (June 3rd and June 4th). The event was very dynamic with lots of opportunities to engage with the different startups. Overall, there was a list of 85 startups. One way of looking at them is their focus: from positioning + navigation to observation + analysis.
From this perspective it is clear that there is a lot of startup activity in the sector of observation and analysis. This covers the processing of data from satellites and any other airborne platforms and combine this data source with other sources to extract relevant actionable data.

After covering the distribution of startups, we analyzed the dual-use content of the different categories. The analysis is based on the description of the startups as well as a first level analysis of the market. Per category the graph presents the average dual-use % [as compared to the commercial value of the product or service]. No surprise to note the high dual-use % (>50%) for the different drone and drone components (including software) category.

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