Herman Oggel

Herman has over 40 years of experience in the IT Industry.

Herman has extensive international experience through management, advisory and board  positions with large American and European companies as well as start-ups. He has lived and worked in in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland and UK .

Herman began his career with NCR at the time that the company changed from a mechanical cash register company to an electronic POS provider.  He moved on to Digital equipment (DEC) and stayed on for 22 years during which time the company grew from a “small and innovative company” to the leading computer company next to IBM.  He held multiple management positions across Europe. This was followed by C-level management positions at Sybase and BEA.  Subsequently he was asked by the VC investors of Dedigate to run and transform Dedigate, a start-up hosting company in Belgium and the Netherlands as the CEO. He successfully managed the sale of the company to Terremark, a leading Datacenter company in Miami where he became Vice President Europe. Terremark transformed into a leading Cloud provider and was subsequently acquired by Verizon. Since then, Herman has been working with Ehrhardt Leus on several projects.