Erik Leus

Erik has been in corporate finance for over 11 years and was co-founder of Ehrhardt Leus & Associates in early 2004.

He was involved in a large number of mergers, acquisitions and (growth) financing rounds, mostly with technology companies, such as Global Collect, Logica, Philips, Econocom, TDS AG, Albumprinter (Albelli), Speedlinq, etc. etc. Erik was a director at the NeSBIC CTe Fund, a technology-focused venture capital firm with a number of high-profile investments including Versatel, Scarlet, Energiebedrijf.com (Oxxio), Dedigate and ITmasters. Before joining NeSBIC in 2000, Erik was the country manager for SpeedPort N.V., a successful Internet communications startup that was acquired by Versatel. Prior to SpeedPort, Erik spent five years in the US (four of them in Silicon Valley) working for the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, to support US technology firms in expanding to Europe.During this half-decade engaged with companies such as Cisco Systems, Peoplesoft, BMC Software and Hewlett Packard, Erik learned  how to best support US technology firms in expanding to Europe. Before moving to the US, Erik held several consulting positions in the Netherlands and Barcelona and worked as a researcher at the University of Groningen.