Trade sale

For founders, managers and shareholders, the trade sale of all or part of a company to a strategic buyer is a crucial moment in the life cycle of a business.

Such a defining moment requires excellent preparation to ensure a successful transaction and a smooth post-sale transition. We have guided many companies through the trade sale process. Our focus on technology, telecom, media and services helps us determine the right moment to sell, identify the right potential strategic buyers in Europe and abroad, and understand their motives for buying. We will help you fully understand and benefit from your company’s strategic value and window of opportunity.

Our process

We start by assessing your company’s real value proposition. Based on our assessment, we determine what (if anything) needs to be done to prepare the company for a successful trade sale. We then guide you through the identified steps to prepare for the transaction and optimize the company’s strategic value for a potential buyer.

In parallel with the optimization process, we prepare the required documentation, including an information memorandum. We also make sure the company is due-diligence proof and the data room is up to date.

Drawing upon our international network of associate directors and industry specialists, we work closely with your team to prepare a long list and a short list of potential strategic buyers. We then approach these buyers on your behalf.

We take the lead during negotiations, using our extensive experience and track record to advise the shareholders on the terms and conditions that will produce a successful transaction.