Focus Areas

TD Shepherd focuses on the ICT market, broadly encompassing companies active in the information- and communication technology.

TD shepherd finds it important to understand the basics of the companies it works with, ensuring quick scaling when engaging with a new customer. Each company has its own specific values and challenges and technology is usually an important part if not the foundation of it.

When it comes to specific types of transactions such as growth capital for startups and buy- and build strategies in cooperation with private equity partners, just having a generic knowledge of the sector is not enough. For this purpose, TD Shepherd’s partners and associates develop and maintain the deeper knowledge and expertise within a number of key sub-sectors. We frequent the key conferences covering these sub-sectors and maintain a network with other key experts in the field. Where necessary we grow our team of associates to cover new areas.  

In addition when we feel that there is a need for training in specific areas which are not properly served by the industry, we create such training programs as a service to our customers and community in general.

Today, TD Shepherd recognizes the following key focus areas:


MarTech and AdTech

Semiconductors and EDA


Market Place